What Do Our Wet Riser & Maintenance Services Consist Of?

The Annual Static Pressure Test

The is very similar to the Dry Riser static pressure test, however the system is already charged full of water.

A pressure reading is taken at each landing valve and additional actions are completed as follows:

  • Check internal cleanliness of storage tanks
  • Thorough check of booster pumps and their associated mechanical and electrical equipment

Visual Inspection, Maintenance & Remedial Repairs

British Standard BS9990:2015 recommends that the system is visually inspected every 6 months and serviced annually to ensure that the equipment is in a satistactory condition and ready for immediate use in an emergency.

The six monthly visual inspection consists of:

  • Checking all outlet washers
  • Checking for damaged or missing blank caps and chains
  • Checking that all hand wheels and nuts are undamaged and in place
  • Checking landing outlet valve connection clips are free moving and undamaged
  • Checking the cabinets and doors for corrosion
  • Checking the cabinet glass
  • Checking all required signage is present and correct

Maintenance & Remedial Repairs (as required):

  • Replacing outlet washers
  • Repair or Replace Valves
  • Replace blank caps and chains
  • Repair or replace hand wheels and nuts
  • Repair or replace landing outlets
  • Replace the cabinet and door
  • Replace cabinet glass
  • Supply wet riser signage to all floors (as necessary)

Detailed Asset Inventory for each system

Dry Risers Ltd provide a full written report detailing current status of all equipment for each system.

In the event that we identify any equipment to be unsatisfactory, a written estimate for remedial repairs can also be provided on request.

Certificate of Conformity

All systems that are found to comply with the standards and are therefore in a satistactory condition and ready for immediate use in an emergency will be issued with a Certificate of Conformity.

Dry Risers Ltd ensures all works are completed in accordance with BS9990:2015 – the industry recognised British Standard.

If you would like a further explanation of the required standards, or a wet riser testing estimate, please call Chris on 0845 463 9581, Email or use our Enquiry Form