Why Should I Use Dry Risers Ltd To Carry Out Dry Riser Commissioning and Flow Rate Testing?

  • Dry Risers Ltd is an independent testing company
  • We do not install
  • We are not tied to/assoicated with any manufacturer or installer
  • We offer independent advice where necessary
  • We have a good working relationship with a number of district surveyors across the UK
  • All commissioning test equipment is fully certified & evidence can be provided on request

What Do Our Dry Riser Commissioning and Flow Rate Testing Services Consist Of?

All dry riser commissioning and flow rate testing work is carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standard, paying particular attention to sub-sections as appropriate:

Commissioning Pre-test Procedures

  • Initial system inspection to check that visually it has been installed in accordance with BS9990:2015
  • Initial water flush through to ensure system is clear of debris

Static Pressure Test

  • System charged with water & pressurised to 10BAR at the inlet, for a minium of 15 minutes, in accordance with BS9990:2015 specified operating pressure (see Section 4)
  • During the pressure test, the system is checked for leaks at any of the joints or landing valves.
  • If any leaks are identified, appropriate remedial action will need to be taken and the system will need to be retested.
  • Once completed, the dry riser system will be drained and left ready for use

Optional Flow Rate Test

  • If requested, by district surveyor, a flow test can be carried out.
  • This test is not required or covered in the new BS9990 standard therefore it is carried out in accordance with the old BS5306 Part One 1976, Sect 31.4:
  • Water is passed through the system under pressure
  • Flow gauge reading is measured and recorded to ensure the system is capable of sustaining an efficient fire fighting jet
  • Should flow rate be considered insufficient or any undue loss of pressure is identifed further investigation will be necessary.
  • Once completed, the dry riser system will be drained and left ready for use

Certificate of Conformity

All systems that are found to comply with the standards and are therefore in a satistactory condition and ready for immediate use in an emergency will be issued with a Certificate of Conformity.

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