Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry out your work to meet a specific standard?

Yes, Dry Risers Ltd conducts all testing & makes recommendations to ensure that the wet risers & dry risers comply with British Standard 9990:2015.

Can I have my Dry Riser System tested by air?

No, under no circumstances should a Dry Riser be tested by air.
Why not ? Air compresses, water doesn’t. Using air could result in an explosion, causing severe structural damage.

What is the difference between a ‘Hydraulic Test’, a ‘Flow Test’, a ‘Service’ and a ‘Visual Inspection?

A Hydraulic Test involves filling the system full of water, checking for leaks, pressuring to 10 bar, then re-checking for leaks. This should be carried out on an annual basis.

A Flow Test involves flowing an amount of water through the system to the furthest most valve in a specific time. This is generally part of the commissioning test, however should alterations be made to a system, a follow up Flow Test may be required.

A Service involves greasing any moving parts on the system, ensuring they are operating correctly. This should be carried out annually as a minimum, although certain environmental conditions may dictate increased frequency.

A Visual Inspection involves inspection of the system to ensure all parts are present and operating correctly. This should be carried out every 6 months and is usually included as part of the annual Hydraulic Test.

Can I have a Hydraulic Test and Service done at the same time?

Yes you can & special rates apply – please contact us for details.

How often do I need my Hydrants Tested?


What is a Hydrants Test?

A Hydrants Test involves a Pressure & Flow Test along with a report detailing the condition of the Hydrant.

Do you change the Instantaneous Washers annually?

No, we only change instantaneous washers when required i.e. brittle, damaged or missing.

Do you have Public Liability / Employee Liability Insurance?

Yes, Dry Risers Ltd has all insurance cover as necessary. Please see the bottom of our home page for details.

Do you have a Health & Safety Policy?

Yes, Dry Risers Ltd is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, customers and anyone else who may be affected by its business activities.
Whilst on site, it is the responsbility of the Senior Engineer to conduct all necessary risk assessments & ensure that Health & Safety Guidelines are adhered to. A copy of our H&S Policy is available on request.

What are your test fees?

Fees vary according to your requirements – please contact us for details.